An example of a nonprofit organization uses Solvait solutions.

Solvait for Nonprofit:

Nonprofit sector faces some challenges in attracting, hiring, and retaining employees, Solvait provides HR and Payroll system that helps you recruit the best people and avoid any difficulties your organization might face. With our comprehensive system, you can gain the flexibility to meet the changing business requirements and keep your people enthusiastic by giving them what they want so they can better serve our communities.

With Solvait for Nonprofit you can:

  • Maximize your resources by using cost-effective system that enables you to have a well-managed workforce.
  •   Accelerate the development of your volunteers by using one of Solvait offerings Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent, in addition to the other modules.
  •  Get productive, accountable employees by setting measurable goals to demonstrate remarkable success.

Solvait solutions for Nonprofit.

Get Deeper insight, flexible solutions.  Solvait solutions can help you optimize your work.

Human Resources

Human Resources

Solvait HR software manages all your workforce data in one centralized unified platform, and you can administer organizational structures including formal and informal hierarchies.

  • Worker Information
  • Organization Administration
  • Recruitment and Selection Management
  • Training and Courses
  • Development and Performance Management
  • Skills and Skill Mapping
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You can handle all the types of payroll transactions with our easy to use and useful software, you can access pay cycles and run any reports at any time, and you can process your data locally to reflect any country’s regulations.

  • Workers Contracts
  • Pay Groups and Pay Cycles
  • Integration with Ledger
  • Payment Items Management
  • Grades
  • Leaves Management
  • Payroll Reporting
  • Workers Time Management
  • End of Service
  • Loans Management
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Administrative Affairs

Use our easy to use software to administer all your organization and to control all processes with great user experience to let your leadership to focus on strategic business decisions.

  • Governmental Relations Administration
  • Events Management
  • Vehicles Management
  • Tickets & Travel Agents
  • Customs Administration
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Engage your employees and spur productivity with a modern software that supports self-service capabilities. We help you to empower your employees by giving them access and control of their own data.

  • Leave Request and Workflow & Leaves Balances Inquiry
  • Loan Request and Workflow
  • Business Trip Request and Workflow
  • Training Request & Workflow
  • Appraisal Process
  • Employee Profile
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BI & Analytics

BI & Analytics

Gain real-time insight to answer questions about how to attract, manage, retain your talent. Solvait BI & Analytics enables business leaders to be more strategic and to combine HR & Payroll data to make smarter decisions.

  • HR Manager Dashboard
  • Payroll Manager Dashboard
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