Recruitment Methods


Nowadays there are many recruitment methods that a company can use when trying to reach to the potential job seekers and contact the best candidates.

Examples of the widely used traditional recruitment methods are placing advertisements in newspapers, Internal Hiring, internal announcements ,temporary employment agencies, and holding job fairs.

The Modern Recruitment Methods

With the increase use of technology and social media , companies started to use different methods in recruitments, these newly methods  approved a successful, fast, and cost effective way in recruitments.

Social media websites such as LinkedIn and Twitter have a great communities where potential job seekers write about their selfs and submit their personal resumes, where a recruiter can search these websites and select the best from this candidates pool.

Online advertising on the company website or job search websites is also a good way to receive the resumes direct to your inbox where you can filter these candidates, do the selection, testing and then interviewing.


It’s very important to have quality employees who help your company run and grow, this starts when you select your candidates for an opening vacancy,  below are some tips you may consider when hiring some one:

  • Skills can be acquired, but personalities cannot: that’s why it’s very important to focus on the candidate attitude, the key is to find some one who is more positive than negative, asking him some behavior-based questions will give you a good idea of his attitude.
  • Check social media profiles.
  • Don’t judge a book by its cover.
  • Let him ask you questions and this gives you an idea of what matters and important to them