What are Microsoft Dynamics AX Strengths?


There are many different ERP systems available in the market. Finding what system that benefits and fits your unique business is a bit difficult. some of Dynamics AX strength point that :

  • It supports multi layered architecture thus offers business agility and makes it very user-friendly for everyone to face rapidly changing business needs.
  • multi-language and multi-currency capabilities which is a good solution for international businesses
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX now meets regulatory requirements for 36 countries.
  • It offers a very strong and integrated CRM solution that simplifies even the complex processes of financial and account area.
  • It supports Role-based configuration and support the dashboard creation for specific user functions. Each user can be defaulted to a role center, which then appears as their home screen in the Dynamics AX application, landing page in Enterprise Portal and a dashboard in their Dynamics AX-equipped Windows Mobile device.
  • Microsoft AX comes with default tools such as Management Reporter, balanced scorecards, dashboards, data warehousing and OLAP to deliver a powerful business intelligence solution or BI.

Why companies are now turning to Microsoft Dynamics AX:

  • Shorter implementation time which is several months shorter than its competitors. The system also allows users to make changes more rapidly
  • Dynamics AX has low cost of implementation compared to SAP (which has the highest) and Oracle.
  • Dynamics AX is very easy to be customized compared to Oracle and SAP
  • Dynamics AX provides the highest ROI over its biggest rivals
  • It is very easy for Dynamics AX to get integrated with other softwares
  • It is seen that Dynamics AX offers highest performance