Leave management tips for line managers and HR

Managing Leaves is something important in any company, as employees come back to work refreshed with new ideas due to extended time unburdened by day-to-day stresses.

Many human resources and line managers struggle with leave management processes and, in particular, how to best balance employee needs and business objectives. the below leave management tips can help managers in this:


  • Use leave management software to spot trends:

    there are bunch of benefits of using management software, your manual work is reduced, having an automated employee absence software in place which integrated with Time and Attendance, and allows employee absence data to be shown on the manager’s home screen for immediate access and convenient follow up, will give you the peace of mind knowing that automation helps prevent errors andless spreadsheets to fill.

  • Consider the case when there is a need for extended leaves:
    Some workers are entitled to extended leave periods in some circumstances, So it is important to train and educate managers to be across the respective allowances, so they know how to respond respectfully to employee leave requests.

  • Set realistic return to work schedules

    One of the biggest points of tension between employee and a manager can be around return-to-work schedules. Managers should have some awareness of medical leave guidelines, using leave management software to identify the recommended return timeline for a given leave, will help much. so managers know in advance about what to expect, and the team can prepare and make necessary adjustments.

  • Plan for employee vacation well in advance:
    This helps line managers to prepare and ensure that productivity is not compromised and to manage employees vacation in a way that they always have someone who can take care of the work while someone else is in vacation.

  • Respond to PTO requests quickly
    Don’t wait to respond to leave requests. One of the best ways managers can streamline leave management processes is simply to respond immediately when an employee requests time off. They can do this with leave management software that puts all of the necessary information immediately at their fingertips, so they can approve or deny requests quickly with confidence.