Saudi Arabia Started to layoff low performance employees


Poor performing does not mean ” I don’t know how to do this”. Poor performing means, missing deadlines, taking naps more than usual, not attending meetings, or more generally stopped giving attention.

Saudi Arabia government started to layoff it’s low performance employees since sunday 2d october 2016, the employees who are not performing up to the level that been expected for three years, and getting a warning for their bad performance every year.

The regulation stipulates the need for each government section to provides a result for employees assessment which is mandatory to determines which employees are receiving or not receiving a raise.
Two for every 20 employees should get (excellent) evaluation, and get salary increase ranged between 5-6%, while two deprived out of 20 employees of the bonus after they evaluated as bad performers

Whosoever initiates it, employee termination is HR’s responsibility

While line managers are responsible for work and performance related issues, employee terminating is primarily the HR department’s responsibility. Whenever a manager or supervisor requests for a termination, HR should critically analyze the case and find if it is a performance related, discipline related or something else.

The most common problem employers face during layoff is that they do not document performance-related problems. Then they get to the point where an employee’s performance becomes intolerable.

Human Resources

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