How to choose a Human Resources Management System in Gulf


As your company is growing , simple tasks get a lot more complex, including adding a new hire, keeping track of required forms, updating the employee directory, and tracking reviews, so the need for HR system is increasing.

selecting the best HR system that fits your company needs is not that easy, there are many factors that you need to consider before selecting any.

The following tips can guide you in this complicated process:

  • Evaluate your current system

As a first step, if you have a running system already, you need to do more than simply add technology to your current one. list the problems you have, discuss what modifications need to be made to current system procedures. what works? what doesn’t? the more successful your final choice will be. Consider not only how technology can automate current processes, but also examine other ways they can be improved.

  • Have good requirements.

Include all functional areas that use the system in creating a list
of the key features.let them all list what they feel the new system should provide both for the company and for their specific department. and to set priority to these items. Encourage team members to differentiate between the features they want and features they actually need.

  • Consider the benefits of payroll integration.

Selecting HR software that integrates with your accounting and/or payroll system can eliminate data entry and provide consistent information across your organization. An integrated HR system can automatically transfer all existing data from your payroll system into your HR system, eliminating hours of work re-keying employee data and preventing new data-entry errors.

  • Don’t just get references;check them!

Before you conduct final interviews and product demonstrations, thoroughly check each vendor’s references. It would be disastrous to decide on a software package and discover afterwards that previous clients had terrible experiences with either the software or the vendor. Ask each vendor for a recent, complete client list instead of just two or three references and then call the companies that are most similar to yours.

  • Use decision drivers.

You should not only rely on the demonstration, there are other factors that should be taken into consideration before giving the final decision such as:
Vendor Viability,Functionality, how much the system is easy to be configured and customized, ease of use, Scalability, Return on investment ,Service and support, implementation time, Cost.

Finally, remember the general rule is: the more resources you allocate for implementation, the less it will cost you in both time and money