The Different Wages of Saudi and Non-Saudi employees

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The Different Wages of Saudi and Non-Saudi employees The Labor Market Data of the second quarter for the current year provided by the General Authority for Statistics in Saudi Arabia shows the average salary of Saudi employee and Non-Saudi employee in both Family and Private sectors. The average salary [...]

Mistakes People Make When Choosing an HR System

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Mistakes People Make When Choosing an HR System Selecting Human resources management system is not that easy, it's a process that need all functional areas management decision, we have listed in other article before how to select HR system for your company,check here. In this article , we will be [...]

How to choose HR system

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How to choose a Human Resources Management System in Gulf As your company is growing , simple tasks get a lot more complex, including adding a new hire, keeping track of required forms, updating the employee directory, and tracking reviews, so the need for HR system is increasing. selecting the [...]

Leave Management Tips

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Leave management tips for line managers and HR Managing Leaves is something important in any company, as employees come back to work refreshed with new ideas due to extended time unburdened by day-to-day stresses. Many human resources and line managers struggle with leave management processes and, in particular, [...]

Al Hokair Food & Entertainment selects Solvait HCM

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Al Hokair Food & Entertainment selects Solvait HCM in Saudi Arabia. Food & Entertainment company, member of Fawaz Al Hokair Group, has selected Solvait HCM for Dynamics AX as their Human Capital Management system. Food & Entertainment is a leading food service company with more than footprint of 23 [...]

Layoff started in Saudi arabia since Sunday

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Saudi Arabia Started to layoff low performance employees Poor performing does not mean " I don't know how to do this". Poor performing means, missing deadlines, taking naps more than usual, not attending meetings, or more generally stopped giving attention. Saudi Arabia government started to layoff it's low performance [...]

Gregorian calender is now official in Saudi Arabia

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The reason why Saudi Arabia is converting to Gregorian calendar: Saudi Arabia is now on considering gregorian calendar for all official and legal activities, such as salaries calculations,Iqama renewal, visa expiry , and all other governmental paper stamps. the Hijri calender is now just a way to determine [...]

Sheikh Khalifa issues Human Resources Law in Abu Dhabi

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{:en} Sheikh Khalifa issues Human Resources Law in Abu Dhabi - UAE President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan has issued the Human Resources Law which regulates all matters concerning human resources from the appointment of the employee until the end of his service including all [...]

Methods of Performance Evaluation

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Performance evaluation methods : Annual performance reviews are a key component of employee development. The employee performance evaluation helps employees accomplish both personal development and organizational goals. the objective of the annual review is to provide all employees and their managers an opportunity to: Discuss preset goal achievements, expectations and accomplishments. Set [...]

Microsoft Dynamics AX Strengths

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What are Microsoft Dynamics AX Strengths? There are many different ERP systems available in the market. Finding what system that benefits and fits your unique business is a bit difficult. some of Dynamics AX strength point that : It supports multi layered architecture thus offers business agility and makes it [...]